Thursday, May 28, 2009

Three Times Longer and Twice as Hard

My father was a building contractor in Ponca City for some 60 years. He used to say that almost every job wound up taking three times as long and costing twice as much as the original estimate. That was because people kept adding to the list of things they wanted done.

It turns out that he was exactly right.

Wow, does the shop look great! Carl got the lattice up and the back wall painted. Rena, Tori, Donna and the two of us got all the looms moved around and the storeroom straightened up. Then Nora came in and did her decorator thing and suddenly we have this gorgeous, sophisticated studio with weaving stations and a spinning station and the yarn all organized. We hardly know the place.

We can’t stay out of it! What a wonderful place to work. It looks so nice that sometimes during the off-hours we just go out and stand in it and breath deeply.

Last Saturday, the 23rd of May, was our Grand Re-Opening. We had a lot of fun, had a lot of friends and customers come by, and ate more cake than was good for us. Our young friend Amanda ran the shop during the afternoon while we went to the Southern Plains Fiber Guild meeting where Nora gave a talk on Japanese dolls. It went over well and Donna, Tori, Patti and I ate even more cake.

It hasn’t all been perfect, naturally. Yesterday a piece of my loom that wasn’t properly bolted down got sprung. Turned out that it just needed a few more bolts that had somehow been left out in the first place. So it was an easy fix, although Donna did stick her finger in my eye in an attempt to help. (Don’t ask!) However, the eye will be fine just as soon as the swelling goes down. And the loom is fixed.

Dad was right about the time and effort it took to get Tres Hermanas Wool Works Weaving Studio up and running. And we couldn’t be happier with the results!


  1. WOW I had no idea you had a Grand Re-Opening!!
    This is pretty much one year to the DAY since I saw you - and you had all those great ideas and plans - and here it is - all manifested and materialised!!
    WELL DONE both of you and ALL your friends and NORA and DONNA and TORI and everyone I met and I am SO SO pleased for you!!

    MAY Tres Hermanas Bloom and Blossom, Flourish and Grow!

    Many Blessings from your English friend!
    Naomi x