Saturday, January 16, 2010

Is This a Great State or What?

Last Monday, we got a call from Galen Culver with KFOR TV in Oklahoma City. He had seen us in an article written about 5 years ago by Beverly Bryant (then a freelance reporter for the Daily Oklahoman, now a reporter with the Ponca City News and a dear friend). Galen produces a mini program for Channel 4 called "Is This A Great State or What?", and he asked if he could come up and shoot a story on us.

He arrived Tuesday afternoon. He was by himself, serving as his own lighting engineer, cameraman and interviewer. He proved to be a very nice guy and drew the very best out of us. The finished program (below) turned out to be 1:56 long. It was broadcast for the first time on Wednesday evening, then was repeated on every Channel 4 newscast until the end of day Friday. It was also broadcast on OETA, Channel 13, over the weekend. After that, it became available for syndication to other NBC stations.

Not only did we think it was a fabulous representation of how we feel about the shop, we have been inundated all week with visitors from all across the state. We've gotten a 5'x7' rug commission out of this already, with other commissions pending. Needless to say, we're extremely excited about this unusual, unexpected publicity. Thank you Galen and KFOR!


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